Jun 042013
SaRenna Lee, Busty Dildo Lover

I didn't know what to expect when I sat down to interview the great SaRenna Lee. It was November 2, 2001, during the filming of Mega-Boob Olympics in Islamorada in the Florida Keys, and I was meeting SaRenna for the first time, having started working at The SCORE Group nine months earlier. For a big-boob lover, meeting SaRenna for the first time was like a basketball fan meeting Michael Jordan, like a baseball fan meeting Willie Mays, like...well, you get the idea, although it's a bit different when the person you're meeting is beautiful and has big tits.

Anyway, I was expecting a prima donna and got the opposite. SaRenna, the girl who had been favorably compared to Marilyn Monroe...who had been a SCORE Girl since 1993, who had been a six-time SCORE covergirl and three-time Boob Cruise sailor...the girl who was synonymous with SCORE magazine in the 1990s, turned out to be...a tomboy?

Well, kind of. When I interviewed her, she was looking beautiful and wearing a bra and panties, and her tits were popping out and she was a sitting wet dream. Not exactly the image "tomboy" conjures. But she insisted it was true.

"I'm just a Levi jeans kind of girl and I love wearing men's dress shirts and as simple as my hair can be is best," she said. "I'm low-maintenance. I'm not a shopper." When she was growing up, she played with the boys, and I'm talking about football and climbing trees, not the other thing you're thinking about. When she started developing at age 10, she wasn't happy about the developments.

"I was teased really bad, and I didn't care for them back then because I was very tomboyish. I was pretty rough and tough."

But she grew and grew, and when she stopped growing, she went out of her way to grow even more.

"Most of the people in my family have large breasts, and I decided to get them just for me, and I went from small-booby magazines to big-booby magazines," she said. "I love big tits. They're just so voluptuous and pretty and so feminine. And they really separate the sexes. The larger they are, the better."

A few years after I interviewed SaRenna, she became one of the first entrants into the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame. Last year, she was voted into SCORE's "20 for 20" as one of the 20 greatest SCORE Girls ever. She came in at No. 20, which to me is more of a reflection of people having short memories and a recent preference for naturals than it is of SaRenna's greatness. Some might choose to argue this point, but if you ask me, two girls have played a larger role than any others in the history of SCORE. Linsey Dawn McKenzie is one. SaRenna Lee is the other.

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